OKR Workshop - Implement OKRs successfully

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OKR Workshop - implement OKRs successfully with the team

We create your individual implementation process and run workshops with real OKR results to work with.


  • You plan to start with OKRs but don't know how or seek professional support to minimise risk and time to implement OKRs
  • Your C-Level and Management Team needs professional guidance
  • You want to minimise risks of such a cultural leadership change
  • There is plenty of free literature, YouTube videos and best practice about OKRs available, but you seek a personal and tailored approach to implement OKRs


  • We implement OKR successfully and fast
  • You use a real coaching expert on your side
  • We develop your ideal OKR setup
  • We facilitate your internal champions, train management and teams
  • We take your individual organisation, your meeting culture, your people, your current management style, your performance and bonus system, your tools into account and won't apply a "one-size fits all" approach
  • We will be your personal coach and sparring partner until you feel save and confident to run OKRs on your own, better than before and have all your individual questions answered
  • A blended learning approach with online courses and onsite or live-video training will ensure a smooth implementation and is scalable to all organisational sizes
  • We want you to internalise know-how as fast as possible
  • You succeed with result-driven OKRs 

How long does it take to implement OKRs?

We typically work with our clients between 2 and 4 OKR cycles - a cycle is typically a quarter. In this period we train, run workshops, reflect on learnings and failures and facilitate internal OKR champions on your side. As soon as you feel save and confident to run on your own, we are out and check-in again from time to time to make sure you are on the right track. 


How to implement OKRs? What are the typical process steps?

Step 1

SETTING UP DEPLOYMENT PARAMETERS - starting point is an OKR workshop with the leadership team to define individual needs and rules. Further we make sure that the connection towards vision and strategy is solid enough and will do some adjustments if needed.  

Step 2

SAME KNOWHOW-LEVEL ON TOP MANAGEMENT LEVEL - executive training is being conducted with the extended Management Circle. Further we make sure that all preparations for the OKR creation process are being started. Your internal OKR Champ will run through a special certification program.

Step 3

LEARNING BY DOING - conduct your first OKR creation and alignment workshop with extended management circle. We will be your coach and sparring partner.

In parallel, the rest of your organisation is being trained effectively through individual online training and coaching checkpoints.

Step 4

COACHING ON QUALITY AND ALIGNMENT - reviewing and finalising derived OKR sets and make sure we captured alignment needs and have a good quality in OKR formulations. 

Step 5

INTERNAL OKR-CHAMPION WORKSHOP - Your internal OKR champions will be briefed and certified specifically, as you need to internalise OKRs as fast as possible. We will sit down and build their action plan as a team. 

Step 6

REFRESH, CHECK, REVIEW AND PREPARE - during the first quarter, we will be offering a series of checkpoints to refresh knowhow and answers questions. We will reviewing your first OKR cycle and support preparing your second cycle.

Are these on-site OKR Workshops or remote sessions?

We can do both and we did both versions many times. Usually we run basic trainings online with e-learning ( faster, cheaper, scaleable) and add personal coaching and Q&As afterwards. Further we usually start on-site workshops on C-Level or Management Level.  As you will then get into a routine over time, things become more remote. But most important, the approach should fit to how you work and operate - we are happy to adapt.


What are the costs to implement OKRs?

Dependant on company size and locations, the full process takes on average between 5 and 15 days, spread across a period of 6-12 months. We aim to minimise time-invest for C-Levels and Management, knowing their importance during the roll-out of OKRs. We work pragmatic, hands-on and use blended learning techniques. This is why the total invest per employee is minimum. We do not have a "one-size fits all" package, but customise our roll-out approach based on your needs. Just send a request for an individual offer. 

When to start with OKRs?

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Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253

eMail: hello@how-to-okr.com

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