Start with OKRs


You plan to start with OKRs but don't know how or seek professional support to minimise risk and time to implement OKRs. Your C-Level and Management Team needs professional guidance.



  • we implement OKR successfully and fast
  • you use a real coaching expert on your side
  • we develop your ideal OKR setup
  • you succeed with result-driven OKRs 

Improve OKRs


Your existing OKR process and quality is behind expectations or your environment has changed. You seek a coach and sparring partner to fix the process and further drive cultural change.



  • we assess your process and quality
  • you receive clear recommendations
  • we coach to improve process and quality
  • you make use of customised trainings 

Champion Certification


You want to start your OKR learning journey on your own or want to become an OKR Champion with a certificate. Or you seek customised e-learnings for teams or for specific roles. 



  • become a certified OKR expert
  • use top-notch self-service e-learnings
  • get access to a private 1:1 coaching session
  • gain practical know-how as a facilitator 

Matrix Themes

We love our clients:

Reading „Measure what Matters“ showed us that we need to start with OKRs. How-to-OKR showed us how to actually start it and got the team aligned and committed to seeing it through.

Jonathan, Managing Director | 3000 employees | Sao Paulo, Brazil

The approach with Hannes was really straight forward, efficient, no bullshit and on point. Lovely.

Patrick, CRO | 60 employees | Munich, Germany

How-to-OKR has brought clarity and understanding to our OKR journey, and the consultative and facilitated sessions with Hannes really helped our Management team to understand what OKRs are and how to align them across the organisation. The end of the session isn't the end of the journey either as they checked-in with us at regular intervals.

Keith, Managing Director | 50 employees | Birmingham, U.K.

We introduced OKRs ourselves and struggled a lot to get acceptance due to the high complexity we've set ourselves. With the support of How-to-OKR we simplified our process and successfully increased the focus and relevance.

Nils, COO | 300 employees| Berlin, Germany

During the entire project, the level of seriousness and involvement exceeded expectations and every question on our side was answered stright to the point by

Radu, Project Lead OKRs | 2000 employees | Bukarest, Romania

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