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Hannes Albrecht

I´m not a typical consultant. Lucky you! Born in 1972, I look back to more than 15 years of leadership and management experience in fast-growing corporate structures. In various positions at well-known brands I've been responsible for marketing and sales during growth periods. As member of the board and other senior management positions, I have built teams and actually enjoyed leading people. Since 2012 I run how-to-OKR.com and fully specialised on OKRs. Especially in Europe I've been a  true pioneer in Objectives & Key Results. I've used it by myself and I'm convinced that a common approach of leadership, focus and translating strategies into actions within an organisation is one key driver for success and motivated employees. 



  • broad, cross-sectoral, economic expertise (CE, IT, mobile, telco, OTC, cosmetics, automotive)
  • radically focused
  • loves setting up effective structures, process, tools and teams
  • fan of goal- and result oriented leadership style
  • "hands-on" mentality
  • people manager


OKR Keynote Speaker

  • OKR X Forum 2023
  • OKR Greece Webinar 2023
  • OKR Forum 2021
  • Jolt MeetUp Israel 2020
  • Capital Markets Innovation Forum London 2018
  • Wellcome Trust London 2018
  • Software Forum Leipzig 2017



My home base is Munich, Germany. Most of my customers are based in Europe, the Middle East or have worldwide operations.

Magdalena Pire Schmidt

I bring with me hands-on experience having worked with OKRs for over 8 years at Google. A linguist by training, I have always enjoyed creating structure and streamlining processes. At Google I managed an international legal team focused on content moderation. Over the years, I have built teams from the ground up, have seen larger teams through cycles of change and have managed a global team. I have work experience both in Europe and the US.


While everyone does OKRs at Google, I was actually one of those people that really bought into the process. Today I help organizations adopt OKRs. I am convinced that OKRs can help you and your organization get better results without more effort. It is a process and a mindset shift. It is sometimes fun, always effective.



I’m based in Miami Florida. This is a great spot and not just because of the beaches. Miami is a short flight from the West coast, Europe and Latin America. It also has a secretly booming tech community I am excited to be a part of.



Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253

eMail: hello@how-to-okr.com

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