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Hannes Albrecht

I´m not a typical consultant. Lucky you! Born in 1972, I look back to more than 15 years of leadership and management experience in fast-growing corporate structures. In various positions at well-known brands I've been responsible for marketing and sales during growth periods. As member of the board and other senior management positions, I have built teams and actually enjoyed leading people. Since 2012 I run how-to-OKR.com and fully specialised on OKRs. Especially in Europe I've been a  true pioneer in Objectives & Key Results. I've used it by myself and I'm convinced that a common approach of leadership, focus and translating strategies into actions within an organisation is one key driver for success and motivated employees. 



  • broad, cross-sectoral, economic expertise (CE, IT, mobile, telco, OTC, cosmetics, automotive)
  • radically focused
  • loves setting up effective structures, process, tools and teams
  • fan of goal- and result oriented leadership style
  • "hands-on" mentality
  • people manager


OKR Keynote Speaker

  • OKR X Forum 2023
  • OKR Greece Webinar 2023
  • OKR Forum 2021
  • Jolt MeetUp Israel 2020
  • Capital Markets Innovation Forum London 2018
  • Wellcome Trust London 2018
  • Software Forum Leipzig 2017



My home base is Munich, Germany. Most of my customers are based in Europe, the Middle East or have worldwide operations.

Market Muse and external catalyst for inspiration

Magdalena Pire Schmidt

I bring with me hands-on experience having worked with OKRs for over a decade - at Google and other places. As a linguist by training, I have always enjoyed creating structure and streamlining processes. At Google I managed an international legal team focused on content moderation. Over the years, I have built teams from the ground up, have seen larger teams through cycles of change and have managed a global team. I have work experience both in Europe and the US.


While everyone does OKRs at Google, I was actually one of those people that really bought into the process. 


As an external influencer, I am bringing market feedback and trends into learning content and training materials. 


Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253

eMail: hello@how-to-okr.com

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