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KnowHow levels of OKRs are quite diverse out there. This format helps you to get the right answers and advice for your particular situation. Get your individual answers in a 1:1 video conference with me, after you´ve sent me your briefing of the current status and the problems you´d like to solve. I will be answering your open questions, show some best practices, challenge your current system or help you to get your quality level up. If its about helping you to bring your existing OKR process to the next level, we will also do face-to-face workshops and customised trainings. 


For whom?


You might be in the "information" stage before implementing or deciding for OKRs. Or you have decided that OKRs would help your organisation and have a few, but very relevant and individual questions left open. Or you run OKRs already but you are not satisfied with both performance and outcome of OKRs.



Typical topics and questions are:

  • why and how do I detach OKRs from individual bonus?
  • how do I actually prepare and run better OKR definition workshops with my team?
  • we've implemented OKRs and lack impact. What are the reasons, how can we change that?
  • parts of our teams work with Scrum, how do we connect OKRs to Scrum properly?
  • what would be the best way for my team (as part of an organisation without OKRs) to implement OKRs successfully?
  • we do not want to share everything and be 100% transparent, does it mean we are not able to use OKRs?
  • how can we adapt the traditional OKR rules to our needs?
  • do we need a specific OKR tool, the way we do it now is too complex?


How long/ how much?


The private coaching session is 300€/hour. Usually 1h is a suitable format for most requests. Briefing is being done beforehand via email.

Setup and participation is easy. Unless you want to use your available web conferencing system, I will be providing you with a link to join the web conference.  

Interested? Just drop a line.

We will be handling your data with care. Promise!


Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253


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