OKR Coaching - improve OKRs

A program to bring OKR quality and process back on track

What are the main challenges when working with OKRs?

You started with OKRs by yourself or with a coach. You are not 100% satisfied with your setup process, quality of OKRs, alignment, performance or outcome of OKRs. You want to bring in an expert to assess your current situation, give clear recommendations and improve your OKR performance to the next level. 


  • it does not feel right how you formulate OKRs, too many, too task-based, lots of initiatives - should "business as usual" be in there?
  • why and how should you detach OKRs from individual bonus?
  • your current OKR process is too long, but you don't know how to speed it up
  • how do you actually prepare and run better OKR definition workshops with the team?
  • you've implemented OKRs and lack impact
  • you don't have a real owner of the OKR process
  • parts of our teams work with Scrum, how do you connect OKRs to Scrum properly?
  • what would be the best way for your team (as part of a larger organisation without OKRs) to implement OKRs successfully?
  • you do not want to share everything and be 100% transparent, does it mean you are not able to use OKRs?
  • you simply don't know if we do it right
  • the engagement is weak
  • setup time is way too long
  • do you need a specific OKR tool, the way you do it currently is too complex
  • after setting OKRs, we fail tracking them


  • we do some diagnostics and collect feedback from "users" in order to give clear recommendations
  • you use a real coaching expert on your side to optimise your OKR process and improve quality and impact significantly
  • you decide what you want to tackle by yourself and where you need help
  • we train and coach C-Levels, Managers and staff to get back on track
  • we consult you in case you decide for an OKR software tool
  • you know what to do in order to bring your OKRs back on track 

How does the OKR coaching work? What are the typical process steps?

Step 1

DIAGNOSTICS - we assess your current process, your OKR quality, how you manage your OKRs during the quarter and align across teams. A few short interviews with managers and employees will help to get a sense about the internal vibes on OKRs.

Step 2

OBSERVATIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS - we present learnings and clear recommendations including efforts and timeframe together with your management. We decide on the next steps and responsibilities. 

Step 3

COACHING & TRAINING - depending on the decisions in Step 2, we will be your sparring partner to get this back on track.  After one or two quarters we will reflect on first effects and adjust the further steps accordingly. 

Is an OKR coaching on-site or remote?

We can do both and we did both versions many times. But most important, the approach fits to how you work and operate - we are happy to adapt.


What are the costs of OKR coaching?

As you see in the process steps above, there is no "One-size-fits-all" solution. Identifying the methodology root causes is one part. Getting a sense about how your employees and OKR Users think about it, is another part - but crucial for us to give you clear recommendations. We always stay hands-on and pragmatic and will discuss with you openly where you need ongoing support from us and which parts you will handle internally. In average these projects are between 2 and 8 days of effort. 


Let's talk to build your customised plan and offer. 

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Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253

eMail: hello@how-to-okr.com

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