OKR Knowledge hub

  • What are OKRs

    Understand OKRs in a nutshell.

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  • OKR Metrics

    Superpowers to write better OKRs. Find metrics for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and many many more...

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  • OKR Template

    Download your simple but powerful OKR template to manage OKRs in xls or Google Sheets

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  • OKR Software Guide

    A complete overview and comparison about OKR software tools.

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  • OKRs & Performance Management

    How OKRs play a role for performance management and compensation.

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  • OKRs vs. KPIs

    Understand the difference between OKRs and KPIs

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  • Objectives vs. Goals

    Understand the meaning of different goal expressions out there and the setup of vision, strategy, goals and OKRs.

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  • OKR Blog & Video FAQs

    A great collection of OKR resources

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  • Free resources

    A summary of free OKR downloads, trainings and collateral

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