OKR Template

OKR template for xls or Office 365

  • simple but powerful worksheet 
  • use it collaboratively, drive transparency
  • OKR dashboard to track progress
  • adjust to grow with your skills and needs
  • with video manual

OKR template for Google Sheets

  • simple but powerful Google OKR tracking
  • great to start and to adjust as you grow
  • OKR dashboard to track progress
  • use it collaboratively and drive transparency
  • with video manual

OKR template for PowerPoint

We strongly recommend not to use PowerPoint to track and manage OKRs. Why? The manual effort is huge and we think it is not supporting collaboration and engagement. 

OKR goal setting templates vs. software tools

OKRs is mainly a mindset thing and do not necessarily require a special tool or software. Especially for the start, you can use this simple template to define, track and align your OKRs. Many smaller organisations with less than 50 employees or teams are doing fine with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel/ Office 365. Just give it a try, it´s free. We have also prepared a short video walk through how to use the template and how to use it during your OKR Check-Ins.

OKR examples

Objectives and Key Results examples for Operations, Engineering, HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Support

What should I write in my OKRs? How does it look like? Can you give me an example of an OKR set? These are the typical questions at the very beginning of every workshop. Although these are generic examples, you might get a better idea of Objectives and Key Results. In reality, however, it's about your specific situation and your success drivers you want to influence positively. During our trainings and consulting sessions, formulating Objectives and KeyResults is one of the most important learning objectives. Go and download this one-pager below.



O: We deliver our part that the company meets the revenue goal

KR: execute 3 customer acquisition campaigns based on target audience

KR: ensure $10m in pipeline

KR: acquire 300 new customers and 200 qualified leads

KR: distribute updated collateral for 2 specialized segments and our main program


O: Drive launch awareness through PR activities

KR: publish 12 press pieces with min. XXX number of views/ shares, etc.

KR: top-5 industry influencers tweet/ share info about product launch

KR: CEO speaks at top level event

KR: min. 6 A-publications to cover product launch


O: We drive an epic launch for Rocket v3.0

KR: 10,000 page impressions

KR: 4,000 downloads with min. XXX number of active users

KR: training conducted and collateral distributed to 100% of team and customers

KR: product has trademark protection


O: We focus on generating new leads (or signups)

KR: 2 targeted online campaigns deliver 1,000 leads

KR: 3 email marketing campaigns deliver 500 leads

KR: 1,000 leads through direct mail campaigns

KR: website mobile signups through SEO optimization deliver 1,000 inbound leads



O: We improve annual budgeting and business planning against last year


KR: every manager publishes budget requirements on time

KR: 90% of managers access online dashboard min. 3 times a quarter

KR: close the final budget by December 15th



O: We improve internal employee engagement and job satisfaction

KR: 3 monthly all-hands meetings with motivational speakers and "free drinks for the weekend"

KR: management approves 3 data-driven initiatives to improve our work culture

KR: 100% of teams document their  OKR updates in their weekly meetings

KR: instant feedback satisfaction score increases by 20%


O: We fill the recruitment gap for engineering 

KR: 5 career day seminars conducted

KR: LinkedIn initiative to collect 250 potential new candidates

KR: open career day at the office with at least 50 participants

KR: 50 candidates sourced through the employee incentive program


O: We define our company culture and values

KR: identified top-5 improvement areas for our current values based on min. 100 answers from employees

KR: culture definition is published with input from min. 3 offices

KR: new values presented on intranet and in office environment

KR: 90% of employees consider that the company has clear values



O: We ensure that releases are delivered on-time 

KR: engineering team contributes 100 story points

KR: Complete data migration project

KR: 90% of code is reviewed within 48 hrs.

KR: identified min. 5 front end improvements by add 100 automated tests


O: We focus on quality for Q2 shipping features

KR: All P0/P1 bugs receive update within 24 hrs until resolved

KR: increase test coverage from 83% to 90% 

KR: conduct a security assessment of our codebase using automated tools

KR: reduce user bug reports from X to Y


O: We deliver revised dashboards and analysis for internal data platform

KR: new cohort analysis dashboard is in use

KR: received "good to go" from Sales and Marketing on their dashboard improvements

KR: upsell prediction model in testing phase

KR: Implement test-driven development in 3 new development teams



O: We prove that the new team is delivering customer success

KR: achieve SLA fulfilment greater than 90%

KR: reduce escalations by 20% 

KR: increase NPS score from 20 to 40

KR: reduce ticket reopen rate from X to Y


O: We ensure SLA fulfillment especially around marketing campaign products

KR: achieve a customer satisfaction score greater than 80% for all escalated tickets around promoted products

KR: maintain a customized Q&A list and support action plan for campaign plan

KR: join 3 marketing meetings to eliminate alignment issues with campaign planning


O: Our customers love our support experience

KR: respond to new tickets in less than 5 hours, on average

KR: resolve initial questions in less than 48 hours, on average

KR: maintain customer satisfaction score greater than 87%



O: We increase our sales power

KR: communicate signed off sales plan

KR: 5 new sales managers are in the onboarding process

KR: launch 2 new regions with focus territories 

KR: revised sales compensation commission is in place


O: We generate new territory growth

KR: two new Account Managers signed contract

KR: strategic targeting plan incorporates input from marketing

KR: execution plan with 3 defined focus areas budgeted and ready to roll-out 


O: we crack on how to increase recurring revenues

KR: ramp up to monthly recurring revenue of $150k in last month of the quarter

KR: increase the share of monthly subscriptions vs one-time purchase by 50%

KR: increase average subscription size by 15%

KR: reduce churn rate to 08% 

Want to share it with your team? Download OKR examples from our OKR Academy page.

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