Free OKR basic course

A great summary of Objectives and Key Results. Get into it, understand the why, see examples and learn how this is different from traditional management frameworks.

Certified OKR Expert Program

A fully remote,  coached program to become an internal OKR Champion. With an in-depth e-learning, blueprints for workshops. As becoming an expert is a journey, the program includes a series of 6-month group coaching calls with us and other OKR experts. 

Modernise Performance Management & Pay

A 3,5h crash course for HR/ People Managers to get a menu of examples, changes, adjustments and best practices to modernise the way you manage and pay people. An important prerequisite for OKRs.

Contact us, if you are interested in customised corporate courses or e-learnings for bigger teams


Hannes Albrecht

Phone: +491729733253


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